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Can iContact Really Help You Develop a Successful Email and Social Media Marketing Campaign?

A Detailed Review of Solutions and Promo Codes

iContact is a leading provider of software that enables businesses to undertake email or social media marketing campaigns.  These campaigns are aimed at helping businesses retain current customers, target prospective new customers, and to engage and educate customers about products or services.  iContact is in the business of adding value and solving problems for their small business customers.

Why a business can benefit from iContact Email Marketing solutions

With over 600 million users from around the globe, businesses have quickly discovered that Facebook is one of the most potentially powerful vehicles for promoting their products on the globe. can help your small business to start or continue a successful campaign by giving you the software you need to create and publish professional grade social media and email marketing messages.  You can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time with the easy to use reporting dashboard where you can see the current number of likes, clicks, and follows as they happen.  iContact also has the tools you need to  publish directly to your business Twitter account and you can schedule any Twitter update in advance.  Tracking tools allow you to monitor in real-time the effectiveness of your campaign.  You can also monitor and manage your email and social network campaigns with your iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices so you can always be up to date on your business.

What people are saying about iContact

Customers for the most part have enjoyed using the sleek and professional interface that is suitable for both viral marketing pros and beginners.  Beginners that have a list of customers on a spreadsheet or CSV file can easily import them into your iContact subscriber list for email campaigns.  With this information in the system, you can easily conduct custom email campaigns based on the demographics of your existing customers and potential target markets.  Features included in the iContact email tool also help to ensure it will not be flagged as spam and relegated to the trash bin before it is read.

Does iContact have any Coupon Codes Or Other Promotions?

As you might expect from a company that specializes in social media and viral marketing, iContact does have a strong and robust presence on social media giants Facebook and Twitter.  They have a general information web page where you can learn about the features of iContact, and another page that is an application that will allow you to get started by linking your iContact account to your Facebook page, and it boasts over 60,000 monthly users.  You can also get similar information from their Twitter account by following them as well as get up to date information on new features and sales that are not available to the general public.

iContact do not issue promo codes or discount coupon codes. Instead, they offer a 30-Day Free Trial for new customers. They believe that if you try their service for 30 days you will find so much value in it that you will not be needing a discount coupon as an additional incentive. You will also get more value for your money if you sign up for the annual membership that gives you savings of 15%.
More information about the offer is here.

Conclusion: iContact is a major player in email marketing solutions, one of the fastest growing marketing segments in the world today, and supply one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message across to millions of users that the business world has ever seen.

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  1. February 3, 2011

    iContact is a great autoresponder company. Good options. Good customer service. Anybody looking for an autoresponder ought to check them out.

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