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How “Print On Demand” Dominates Online Sales

Have you ever seen a t-shirt with a hilarious saying on it and wished you knew where to find it? Or have you ever really wanted a coffee cup that reads “Hands off My Mug”? Maybe you’re the one in your circle of friends who has a great sense of design and artistry. Online shopping is moving one step closer to buyer-influenced shopping by putting the shopper in charge. There are numerous web sites that now offer you ways to design that t-shirt, get that mug, or be creative on a tote bag, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Why PODs Are a Win-Win for Both Producers and Consumers

Through …

How to Buy, Sell and Trade Used Sports and Fitness Equipment

I detest paying full retail price at beautifully adorned storefront specialty shops, and usually do everything I can to find anyway around it. However, as the mom of 4 active children I have been unsuccessful at finding great sources for buying gently used sports equipment online. Maybe it is my hesitation after reading one online auction ad that read “slight odor” for a pair of used football pads, or the unique sizing challenges that arise from determining which size elbow my child has (not something I typically shop for as far as fitting goes).

This is my favorite …

Buying and Selling Home Décor, Jewelry, Clothing at

Whether you are shopping for a new piece of home décor, jewelry, clothing, or just for inspiration, you have to make sure you spend at least a few minutes at Etsy. Actually, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up spending more than just a few minutes at this online shopping site.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online buying and selling forum for handmade crafts, vintage items, and craft supplies. Sellers create storefronts where they display their merchandise for the buyers, and then arrange for selling details (such as payment) on their own.

  • Handmade products need to actually be handmade by the …

Why the Home Shopping Network (HSN) Is a Fantastic Place to Find Seasonal Clearance Items at Fractions of the List Prices

I admit that when I hear “shopping network” I used to envision older women sitting around during the wee hours of the morning, waiting for their favorite bathrobe to be available in the perfect color, fingers waiting at the phone, speed dial programmed and ready for launch. Then one day I was visiting a dear friend who hates to shop – I know – can you imagine such a thing? She was digging through her closet looking for something and pushed aside several boxes which had just arrived from the HSN. Curious, I asked her wait might be inside… bathrobes?

Shoes, leggings, and sweaters of …

How to Find Bargain Prices on Software and Video Games

Video games and computer software are multi-billion dollar industries, but you don’t have to spend a lot to buy games for your kids or software for yourself. For years I have been purchasing games and programs at discounted prices. We aren’t a family to spend a ton of time in front of the computer or television monitors, but as the mom of four kids I have become adept at finding bargain prices on software and video game selections. My two favorite ways to shop for deals on these are through GameStop and Kid’s Software Outlet.


If you’ve got kids, nephews and nieces, or even …

Shopping for Shoes at Sears – Like a Kid in a Candy Store

“Like a kid in a candy store!” was how my children described to their dad our recent trip to Sears. They weren’t talking about themselves in the sporting goods aisle, but about me in the shoe aisle! Who knew Sears had such fun shoes at extremely low prices? These deals are in their stores, and available at the same low prices online.

Shop Sale and Discount Prices on Shoes at Sears

Really! While you might think it is a little out of the toolbox to shop for shoes (especially heels) at a place like Sears, this store actually carries quality at reasonable prices.

The transition of winter …

How Can You Know When a Bargain is a Good Deal

Online shopping offers awesome deals, bargains, and coupons, but it also opens the doors for poor products that are advertised extremely well and suck consumers into their false promises. When online stores and products can easily be designed to look like the most amazing offers to consumers, how can we tell if we are really getting value for money?

When shopping online there are no fool proof ways to guarantee that the fancy storefront you see on your monitor is not a front for a scam, but there are several things we can do as consumers to make sure that we are not only getting a great deal, …

What You Should Know When Shopping for Medical Care Online

You can shop for shoes, groceries, and a new sofa online, but have you ever considered shopping for a doctor?

While it isn’t like you are going to have your choice physician shipped to your home overnight express, you can make informed medical and health provider decisions while shopping for a doctor online.

How do I shop for a doctor?

The first stop is to check with your insurance program to find out exactly which clinics, doctors, and departments are covered. Pay attention to things like network coverage, referrals, and differences in co-pays. Once you have established your parameters for …

Is Amazon Prime a Good Choice for Online Shoppers?

Why pay extra? As a self-proclaimed bargain shopper, I am skeptical of membership dues and fees, for anything from grocery clubs to online group buying offers. Amazon Prime is one of those memberships that I have considered pursuing for a while now, more so during the holiday season. However, the $79 price tag always leaves me wondering: Is it worth my dime to pay for Amazon Prime?

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership program where for a $79 annual fee users can have free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases, access to commercial free movies and television programs, and up to …

Online Shopping For Secondhand Kids’ Clothes

Young children have the amazing ability to seemingly grow overnight, leaving the new outfit you just bought them last week with a “little wiggle room” too small. Online shopping for secondhand kids’ clothes has many benefits, but you have to know where to go and how to navigate the choices. Spending a fortune on clothes for children is not often in the family budget, and even if it is, there are many other reasons why families choose to buy used clothing for kids online.

Why shop used clothes online?

Buying pre-owned clothing for kids has many benefits for families.

  • Saves money (if …