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Is GoToMeeting the Right Solution for Your Business? Features and Promo Codes

How does GoToMeeting Compare to Other Online Meeting Solutions?

Some professional reviews say the WebEx, a GoToMeeting competitor, has more features as well as more technical advantages. GoToMeeting was given three and a half stars from CNET editors. It was outranked on TopTenReviews by Infinite Conferencing, InterCall, Netviewer Meet, Adobe Connect Pro, MegaMeeting and WebConCentral. GoToMeeting was deducted points for it lackluster video and webcam features, low user limit, and lack of user polling.

GoToMeeting was also pricier than comparable competitors as an upfront cost but makes up for the cost by not charging per user or minute.

What do Customers Say about GoToMeeting?

Customers say that GoToMeeting has increased their client base, is user friendly, increased direct sales, cut costs and helped productivity. Some customers had complaints about the way information was presented, problems with calling into the meeting and said that recording the meeting is time intensive.


How does GoToMeeting Save You Money?

GoToMeeting, at the time of this research, costs businesses $468 a year for a one-time payment and $588 a year for the monthly payment plan. When you add up the administrative, flight, hotel, food and transportation costs you will incur with a face-to-face meeting, your savings are enormous.

Designed to Avoid Large Expenses of Airlines and Hotels

GoToMeeting is a product offered by Citrix Online. It is an online tool to help businesses get everyone needed for a meeting together, like in a seminar, without the large expense of airline and hotels. With users connected, you can have impromptu and planned meetings to go over every aspect of your business needs.

What are The Limits of GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is the smaller of the meeting solution products Citrix Online offers. Your users are limited to 15, and you will also not be able to run interactive training. More advanced features are offered with GoToWebinar.

Will GoToMeeting Work on Your iPad, iPhone and Mac?

GoToMeeting is probably one of the most cost effective ways to attend a web meeting, and now it is available to download as an app. It is currently free. Wherever you are you can access online meetings on your iPad. It can also work on Macs, iPhone and Android devices. GoToMeeting offers HD compatibility, the ability to share screens and unlimited meetings.

You can start a meeting with one click and will soon be on your way to inviting attendees. GoToMeeting also integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendars and you can create recurrent meetings with the software. In addition, you can record the meeting for members of your team who were unavailable to attend.

GoToMeeting Promotional Offers and Coupon Codes

GoToMeeting are offering a 30-day free trial. Citrix often has coupons and promotions. If there are any new coupons we will publish them here immediately.

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