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Does Weight Watchers Work? Is WeightWatchers the Right Plan For You? Weight Watchers Review, Discount Promotions and Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a program that can help you loose weight? Then you may want to read through some of the questions commonly asked about Weight Watchers, one of the most popular diet programs in the US:

What Makes Weight Watchers Different from Other Dieting Programs?

There are a lot of dieting programs out there but what makes Weight Watchers different is that it does not require any appetite suppression or it does not require individuals under the program to take diet or fat burning pills. Individuals under the program can still eat the food that they usually eat, provided that they are mindful of their calorie, fiber and fat intake.

Another great thing about Weight Watchers is that it is not just a diet fad as it builds a program that teaches its members on how to live a healthy lifestyle by eating the right food and doing activities that promote healthy living.

What is the New PointsPlus Program of Weight Watchers?

The PointsPlus program is the update to the 13-year-old Points System program of Weight Watchers. In the Points system program, each food is assigned a numerical value or points based on its calories, fat and fiber content as well as its serving portion. So members under this program can eat any food that they want as long as they are still below their allowed limit per week. Exercise is assigned a negative number so it will lower the points to make you fall below your allowed weekly limit.

For the PointsPlus system, the same concept still holds but the point system has been refined and the program now takes into consideration protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber and it takes a stand against processed foods while encouraging intake of fruits and vegetables.

What are the Different Support Groups that Weight Watchers Offer?

If you become a member of Weight Watchers, you have the option for online or in-person meeting group support.

What is the Difference Between Weight Watchers Meeting and Weight Watchers Online?

For Weight Watchers Meetings, each member attends a weekly meeting conducted by a Meeting Leader who is a successful Weight Watchers’ member. During the meeting, the members will have group discussions where they will share their experiences so other members can learn from them. Members will also weigh-in privately and this will help members to get on track and remind them of their weight-loss goal.

For Weight Watchers Online, members can communicate with other members from the comforts of their own home via message boards. They can also access the different Weight Watchers tools available online like the Weight Watchers recipe, exercise videos and more. The advantage of subscribing to an online group support is that even members who have hectic schedule can still join discussions and meetings and this also allow the secrecy of the member’s identity.

What are the Different Tools Available for Members of Weight Watchers?

Aside from the group support that members get from the weekly in-person or online meetings, members can also access the Recipe tool of Weight Watchers, which allow members access to over 1500 recipes that can help them loose and maintain their ideal weight. Members can also access exercise demos as well as PointPlus Management tool.


How Much does a Weight Watchers Program Cost?

Individuals can subscribe to the Weight Watchers program by paying a monthly pass fee, currently $39.95. This allows them access to unlimited meetings and all the tools available on the website. Members can also opt to pay a weekly fee every meeting of $12.

For Weight Watchers online, the fee is $17.95, as it does not include meeting attendance.

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