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Looking for an Experienced, Full Time, Energetic, Extremely Nurturing Nanny to Work 55 Hours per Week? What About Housekeeping and Food Preparation?

My Review of and Promotional Codes

SitterCity is a place where responsible parents and reliable in-home care providers meet. This subscription-based, members-only service comes with a search facility that lets you find nannies, babysitters, or other types of care providers in your area with a few clicks of your mouse. Here, parents can do background checks on potential candidates, read other parents’ reviews on sitters and schedule an interview – all in one place.

A brainchild of Genevieve Thiers, then a student and a babysitter when she established the service in 2001, SitterCity has been named by Lead411 as one of the “2010’s Hottest Companies in the Midwest”. When began as a Boston-only service now offers services to cities across the country. SitterCity currently has over a million listed care providers that include:

- Babysitters
- Nannies
- Pet Sitters
- Dog Walkers
- Senior Care Providers
- Housekeepers
- Tutors

…and Experience With Twins… and Variable Schedule

See how Alicia and her husband, in need of a nanny for their twins, found the perfect person using

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Is SitterCity Goood? – Key Features/Benefits

My research shows that hiring babysitters or nannies through SitterCity is worth it for the following reasons:

- Qualified care providers. Anyone can easily post a profile or advertise their service online, which is common among many caretaker service sites. The important difference of SitterCity is that it actually carries out background checks on sitters and nannies that advertise their services on the site. Staffs constantly monitor and review their performances.
- Detailed search options. There are plenty of search filters. I can easily find a nanny or babysitter in my area that match the date and hours of service I need.
- Care providers for kids with Special Needs. One advantage of SitterCity over similar services is that it also has qualified and experienced care providers for kids with special needs such as Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.
- Multiple language options. There are care providers who are fluent in French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and many other languages. Use the search filter to find the sitter that you need.
- Video interviews. You are able to see and hear them before you even get to interview them.

How Does SitterCity Compare to Other Care Providers?

I reviewed two different babysitting services that are in direct competition to SitterCity. The closest in terms of number, quality, and response rate of providers. However, SitterCity has the longer track record and has cheaper service rates. Annual plan on SitterCity is $140; on Care it is $144. Monthly plan on SitterCity is $35, and $39 on Care. What I like about is that you are able to find last-minute replacements if the original sitter is not able to make it due to personal reasons. SitterCity doesn’t have this feature yet.

Babysitters4Hire, a sitter service promoted by Dr. Phil, is another safe and easy online sitter service. Care providers are also screened and certified. Their membership plans are much cheaper than both SitterCity and Care. Annual plan is only $69. Initial monthly plan is $26.99 and only $12 the succeeding months. However, BabySitters4Hire has significantly lesser number of care providers available. Minor Disadvantages

- There’s no “emergency substitute” option similar to Care, which allows you to quickly get a replacement in case the original person you hired calls in sick or some other reasons.
- Monthly subscription fee might be expensive to some.
- Because of the huge number of providers available, choosing a help can be overwhelming.
- Navigating the site initially is a little confusing.
- Information such as payment method is not immediately available.
- There is no money back guarantee.

What Online Babysitting Services Might Be Better Than SitterCity?

NannyPro matches INA-certified and background-checked caregivers and families across the US. They offer nanny and babysitting services only. Nannies4Hire provides services to families across the US and Canada. Membership plans range from $99.99 to $169.99. Care4Hire also has a nationwide coverage. You can search by zip code, then narrow down your options by gender, nearness to your area, etc. Monthly plan costs $19.99, but annual plan is only $79.99. PhoneABabySitter has over 32,000 care providers available, with good coverage in the US and Canada. One-time payment of $29.95 gives you a lifetime membership. 4Sitters offers a low monthly subscription plan of $6.99 and an annual plan of $41.99. Membership Plans

SitterCity offers three membership plans. The annual membership costs $140 per year and is ideal for parents who require sitting services for their kids or pet all year round. Quarterly membership plan costs $70 and is great for parents who need sitting services during certain months or seasons of the year. Monthly plan is $35, and it’s a great choice for those who don’t require a sitter month in and month out. SitterCity processes credit card payments only. Promo Codes

If you want to save on membership fees, look for coupons online. Once SitterCity has validated the coupon code, the corresponding discount will be deducted from your total billing. The company does not issue refunds, so I suggest you make use of the 7-day free trial period before making any commitments. SitterCity automatically renews memberships. If you decide to cancel, you have to inform SitterCity by phone or email. Check the top of this post for the latest promotion codes.

What Parents Are Saying? Testimonials and Feedback

Customer reviews show that SitterCity is a convenient and safe way for families to get in-home help whenever and wherever they need it. Parents can easily choose the providers that fit their specifications, such as who’s available from 8 to 2 in the evening, who knows German, etc. However, there are some drawbacks which customers are also keen to point one. One, many find the membership fees quite expensive. Two, their billing practices are hidden in the fine print so most customers are not aware that SitterCity automatically renews their membership. Some customers tried reaching customer service to raise this issue, but never got a real person to speak with. One said she left a message on the phone, but still her call was not returned. They also emailed customer support but never got a response. One customer said she cancelled her services before her membership is due but was still billed for two months. When she emailed support about it, her account was terminated.

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