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Is Roxio Worth the Money? A Review of Products and Promo Codes

How does Roxio Rate in the Digital Creation Industry?

In my research, I found that almost all professional reviews rated Roxio at the top of the heap in digital creation software. With a reasonable price point, a user should be able to do almost all their editing tasks within the Creator program. Once drawback to the Creator software is its lack of compatibility with MAC and MOV.

What do Roxio Users Say?

After reading through online reviews, a few complaints seem to continue to arise. Roxio has bugs and performance issues for many users. Some users complained of the product not working at all, while some said a few features that were advertised were not available. Customer service was also a criticism of many users, they said getting help was difficult and the options offered by the tech team did not work or were time intensive. On the other hand, many users were satisfied with the program and said it worked for what they needed.

Would I Use Roxio?

I have had Roxio products on previous computers I have purchased. As I am not a professional editor or creator, after reading the reviews and comparing products I would buy Roxio. For my recreational use of photo editing and video production, I think that Roxio would be a reasonable fit.

What does Roxio Offer?

Roxio is a leader in consumer and business digital media creation software. As a subsidiary of Sonic Solutions, Roxio distributes its products throughout the world in both online and brick and mortar retailers. Roxio is also a winner of several industry awards including C/NET’s Editor’s Choice, PC Magazine Editor’s Choice and many more.

Roxio offers solutions for creating, editing and capturing digital media. Roxio Creator 2012 allows the user to edit photos, movies and CD’s. You can also digitalize LP records and create photo layouts for publication. If you want a more comprehensive software, Roxio Creator 2012 Pro offers all the perks of Creator with added audio tracks and video effects for professional quality files.

Roxio also offers VHS conversion software, media backup, gaming capture software, video converter software and MAC compatible digital editing.

Does Roxio Offer Business Solutions?

Yes, Roxio offers encryption software to protect your business files and products as well as developer tools.

Roxio Promotional Offers and Discount Codes

If you own a previous version of the Creator software, you are able to upgrade at a discounted rate. Roxio also offers licensing discounts for business users. You can also find coupons that will save you 15% off any Roxio product. We are doing are best to make sure you get the latest Roxio discount coupons in this blog.

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