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Redcat Racing Coupon Code Review  and Current Deals

Redcat Racing is a high quality source for Radio Control cars and gas, nitro, and electric vehicles. Established in 2005, Redcat Racing offers a complete line of 1/5, 1/8. 1/10, and 1/16 scale cars, trucks and buggies.  They also offer a complete selection of parts, tools, and accessories.  They add new products often so you should check the website to see what’s new.  Redcat Racing provides products to both customers and dealers.  Whether you’re new to racing or are a retailer, Redcat Racing offers high quality products to meet your needs.

Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 Crawler

The 4-wheel steering, 3-Channel FM Remote, 1/10 scale, RS10 Rockside Crawler is one of Redcat Racing’s most popular products.

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Is Worth Your Choice?

My research has found that Redcat Racing is among the top companies.  There are several points that make them one of the best racing providers out there.

  • They constantly provide new and innovative products
  • They have a range of the best made cars, trucks and buggies
  • The provide onlines forums to connect enthusiasts together to get answers when needed
  • Supply both customers and dealers with products
  • Provide limited 90-day Warranty

One of the most impressive things I found when researching this site is the pride Redcat Racing takes in their products.  When you buy a car or other vehicle from Redcat Racing you will be assured that it’s a winner.  It is designed and built by those who know the business and not just by a far-away factory.  If there are any problems with the item you can get service support either online or by telephone.  The online forums offer more than 75,000 threads making it a great source of information to hobbyists.

How Does Redcat Racing Compare to Other Companies?

I spent some time comparing Redcat Racing to a couple of their top competitors.  I found that RC Planet was a similar merchant but had a different outlook on the products.  While Redcat Racing felt very friendly and personal, RC Planet was much more impersonal.  When shopping on RC Planet you felt as though you were just searching through a catalog while shopping on Redcat Racing allowed you to learn much more about the vehicles before making a purchase.  Because Redcat Racing sells to retailers, I felt that the company provides a much better product than most of the competition.

I also checked into RC Universe and found the same thing.

If you’re going to purchase an RC vehicle I feel it’s best to buy it directly from the manufacturer than through a third-party vendor.  The message forum allows you to connect with others who have the exact same vehicle, making it a good option for both novice racers and experienced racers. If you do find that you need more help you can’t beat getting the answers directly from the source either through an email or telephone call.

Other Choices

RC racing is becoming more and more popular.  As the popularity increases so do the number of online resources of RC equipment.  Redcat is one of the few sites that are dedicated to RC racing, however, you will find other hobby and toy websites that sell very similar merchandise among other things. You may want to shop around before making up your mind: – A full service hobby shop that offers a line of RC cars and trucks as well as other equipment. – This online retailer has a section devoted to RC racing enthusiasts. – They offer a wide selection of RC cars and trucks as well as other parts and equipment needed. – Provide specialty RC cars and trucks. – They offer a very wide selection of RC trucks, cars, planes, and boats as well as parts.

What is the Cost?

Customers will find costs are in line with other, similar retailers.  The costs can range quite a bit depending on the specific RC car or truck you are purchasing.  Keep in mind that the equipment at Redcat is higher spec so the price you pay is well worth every penny.

You’ll find the price depends on the size and type of vehicle you choose.  For example, a Sumo RC 1/24 scale (mini) electric vehicle sells for only $59.99.  The largest vehicle they sell is the large scale Rampage monster truck, a 1/5 scale vehicle with a gas engine that sells for $1399.99.  You’ll find many vehicles in the $140 to $350 price range. Look for special discounts and coupons that may be available from time to time.

Testimonials for Redcat Racing

When I read some of the testimonials for Redcat Racing I began to understand the pride that these vehicle owners felt when they purchased these special cars or trucks.  Most people were excited and pleasantly surprised to get their hands on a vehicle of this quality.  The performance was truly great and for most people it is the best RC vehicle they have ever had.

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