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Norton 360 Discount Code

Does Norton 360 Really Work? Does Norton Slow Your PC

A Review the Antivirus Software and Norton 360 Coupon Codes

For years now, Norton has been the premier provider of anti-virus software and Norton 360 represents all of their best products in one package.  Norton 360 features automatic blocking of malicious web sites, automatic back-up of your files to secure online storage, and with one click can rid your hard drive of clutter that slows down your computer’s performance.  These are just a few of the vital things Norton 360 can do to keep your computer running the same as the day you bought it.

What are the new features at Norton 360 Version 5.0

Should you or should you not buy Norton 360?

A Windows-based PC or laptop is just like a car, it needs normal maintenance in order to keep running in top shape and stay in tune.  The problem is most people are too computer-illiterate to even know what tools they have to accomplish these tasks.  Norton 360 takes away the need to know computer maintenance steps by allowing you to clean and defragment your disk drive, as well as perform a disk check with one click of a mouse.  These steps are key in keeping your operating system running fast and efficiently.  Norton 360 also checks your Facebook news feed and wall to alert you of bad links and other threats.   It is also ideal for online shoppers and it keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes as it identifies phishing sites on Google’s search engine results and alerts you before you have a chance to click on them. If you have a Windows-based PC or laptop, you need Norton 360 if you want to keep it running for years to come and protect your valuable data from prying eyes and other internet thieves.

Does Norton 360 slow down your computer?

I have used Norton 360 and other products for over 10 years now.  Not only does it keep your computer running well, it takes fewer resources than its competitors such as MacAfee, which uses so many system resources and runs so slow, it noticeably affects the performance of your computer.  Norton runs without affecting the performance of your applications and without you noticing it.  Other anti-virus software on the market today could actually be classified as malware as they take control of your computer while they are running.  There is no substitute on the market today for Norton, it’s simply the best tool you can buy for a healthy Windows-based PC.

Does accept coupon codes?

Norton is a popular product for coupon codes and you have a number of choices to help you save money on their products.  One such site is, which has several coupon codes that claim to save you up to 25% off any Norton product.  Another good source for coupon codes and discounts for Norton is this blog.  We have coupon codes that give you up to 33% off any Norton product.

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