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Next Direct Reviews and 10-Digit Special Offer Promo Code

Does NEXT Offer You the Best in Fashion and Value for Money?

A Review of Products Deals and 10-digit Special Offer Promotion Codes

NextDirect is the online catalogue of popular UK clothing retail chain Next Plc. Whereas Next Plc has over 680 stores in the UK and 30 other countries, it is yet to open any physical store in the US. was therefore primarily setup to tap into the vast US consumer market. has since expanded to incorporate portals for 35 more countries. The product listings available in each country portal are often the same. For US consumers, all products on are imported from the UK. Next Plc was recently confirmed as the official London 2012 Olympics’ Clothing Supplier. versus major online clothing retailers

The quality, price and customer service at compares favourably with major online clothing retailers in the US market including,, and however differentiates itself in stocking plenty of UK-themed wear – something the US-based online clothing retailers may not necessarily lean toward.

Any issue with clothing sizes?

Since all items for’s US orders are shipped from the UK, one of the potential risks is that size specifications may be different (smaller) from the equivalent in the US. This was a problem that cropped up a couple of times in’s early days. The size guide on the website has since been streamlined and is exactly what US shoppers would expect from any US clothing retailer.

Are shipping costs at fair and reasonable?

Shipping is at a flat fee of US$5 for any location in the US and delivery is in 2 business days after placing the order. While this is reasonable, it may be an Achilles Heel for when compared to US-based retailers such as Zappos who provide free shipping anywhere in the US (to be fair though, Zappos merchandise is usually more costly).

Does have regular product sales?

Next seasonal sales have a near fanatical following in the UK with store’s opening as early as 4am on the day of the sale. It is one of the best times to get high quality products dirt cheap – it is not unusual for some stores to be sold out by 7am. Unfortunately, seasonal sales are yet to be extended to and by extension, US consumers.

What is the quality and variety of inventory?

There is no denying the wide range of items available on However, items do seem to go out of stock relatively quickly and restocking is not always as fast as it should be. Whether this is because everything is shipped from the UK is unclear.

How consumer friendly is the website?

The website is easy to navigate. Links to the main categories (Women, Men, Younger/Older Boys, Younger/Older Girls, Shoes, Sportswear, Homeware, Christmas items and Branded wear) are conveniently placed at the top of the landing page. The landing page also has quick links to the newest items available. has on occasion had technical glitches that usually affect the checkout phase – something that can be particularly annoying considering the time it may have taken to choose the products that interest you. Fortunately, the support team is accessible via a toll free line or through NextDirect’s Facebook page and can place the order on the customer’s behalf if necessary. US consumers can pay via American Express.

Where can I get NextDirect’s promotional codes?

As a recognisable brand with a growing online presence, offers discount offers on numerous websites. A simple search should suffice. Nextdirect checkout will request a 10-digit special offer promotion code. Next does not issue such codes very often. However, as affiliates of NextDirect we will try and provide in this blog post the latest promotional codes or discount links when they are available.

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