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Why Users of The London Pass Discover More While Spending Less?

My Review and Promo Codes

The London Pass is a sightseeing access card that enables entry into more than 55 popular attractions across the city. The pass is similar to a credit card or reward card with an embedded readable chip. Think of it as the equivalent of an all-you-can-eat restaurant promotion. Instead of separately paying for each location, you buy one pass and can access the participating sites at no extra cost. How much you save will of course depend on how many places you intended to visit during your visit to London.

You can also buy the London Pass with Travel that allows you to save on the commute between the different attractions. Given the size of London and the relatively high cost of travel, the London Pass with Travel can be a major money saver.

Why Buy Your Pass from

This video is a brief summary of the tours, attractions and historical landmarks covered by the pass, like the Queen’s Gallery, the Tower of London, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Windsor Zoo, the London Aquarium, and a lot more.


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My research shows buying the London Pass is worth it for the following reasons:

  • With the pass, you need not make any additional payment to get into the participating sites that are part of the program. If nothing else, this convenience is probably the most important benefit of the London Pass.
  • The card is activated and starts counting from the first date you use it. That means you can buy it and retain it for as long as you like – the 1,2,3,6 days will start counting from the first day you use it. The chip retains data on when and where it was first used and its expiry date.
  • You need not wait in line at certain busy attractions such as the Tower of London and Windsor Castle. Go the front of the queue, get your card swiped and you go right in.


How Does the Compare to Other London Sightseeing Passes?

There is no equivalent service to the London Pass that would allow for a side by side comparison. The best way to look at the London Pass is to probably compare it with the cost of individually accessing the 55 attractions. For instance, the entry fee for Westminster Abbey is £16, £7.50 for The Queen’s Gallery, the Royal Albert Hall is £8.50, the London Zoo costs £19.00 per adult , Kensington Palace is £12.50 and the entrance fee for the Tower of London is £18.

Compare these individual costs with the cost of a 1 day pass which costs £44, the 2 day pass at £59, the 3 day pass goes for £72 while the 6 day pass will take you back £95. On this score, the London Pass has a clear price advantage. There may be no need to buy the London Pass if you are intending to visit just one or two attractions during your entire stay.

Note that the also provides a virtual online tour of the 55 attractions covered by the Pass just so a first time visitor can appreciate what each location has to offer and whether it is indeed worth checking out. Disadvantages

Some locations on the list of London attractions covered by the London Pass already offer free admission  – case in point, the Royal Air Force Museum in North London. There would therefore be no price benefit to be derived from buying the London Pass if your goal is to only visit the Royal Air Force Museum. Whereas there is technically nothing wrong in including them in the circuit, their inclusion may create the impression that you are paying for more than you should.

Other than the individual attractions, London Pass does not really have a directly competing service in London. This is not entirely surprising because it is not completely improbable that the London Pass team has entered into an exclusive contract with the participating attractions that might make it difficult for anyone else to offer a similar service to the same finite set of London landmarks.

What is the Cost a Pass?

There are 4 types of London Pass cards with the primary difference being how long the pass remains valid after first use. The cost per adult is as follows:

  • The 1-Day Pass – £44
  • The 2-Day Pass – £59
  • The 3-Day Pass – £72
  • The 6-Day Pass – £95

You can also buy the pass inclusive of travel costs. In this case, the cost of the 4 Passes is as follows:

  • The 1-Day Pass – £52
  • The 2-Day Pass – £75
  • The 3-Day Pass – £96
  • The 6-Day Pass – £145

London Pass regularly provides coupons and discounts that would entitle you to 10% off the purchase price of each card.

You can either collect the Pass when you arrive in London or you can have it shipped to you. Collection from the London Pass office in London is free. Shipping starts at £2.95 for an address in the UK and begins from £5.95 for an overseas address.

When you buy the London Pass, you have the opportunity to separately purchase insurance for the Pass at 4.5% the value of the Pass that serves as 100% Money back Guarantee if for any reason you are unable to use the pass. Note that you can only claim a refund on an unused pass.

What Are Tourists and Users of the Pass Saying?

A number of past users of the London Pass recommend it only if you intend to visit the more expensive attractions in London e.g. the Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Tower. Remember that visits to many of London’s museums are already free so their inclusion in the London Pass is in fact superfluous for savings. There are key London sites that are not covered by the Pass e.g. the London Eye. Also bear in mind that realistically, you are unlikely to go to more than 5 attractions in a single day if you would like to fully appreciate each site. Coupon Code

There is a variety of London Pass coupons that you can find online. You can get promo codes that give you 5% off your pass, or even discounts of up to 7.5%. Please check the top of this post for the most up-to-date London Pass promotional codes.

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