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My Review and Promotional Offers

Light in the box is an online shopping site that aims to provide a standard shopping experience for people all over the world. Their tag line ‘One World One Price’ says it all for them. They primarily specialise in dressing couture and accessories and given the wide range of their products and their universality, they appeal to everyone. However, if I had to narrow it down, I would say that it is ideal for women in vogue for there is always going to be a dire need among them for gorgeous outfits and accessories.

Their categories include:

-          Wedding & events

-          Cell phones

-          Electronics

-          Car tech

-          Home and garden

-          Beauty

-          Computers and Laptops

-          Gadgets

-          Toys and hobbies

-          Costumes

-          Sports outdoors

-          Fashion and Designer clothing

The site also offers a lot of expert tips and advise to customers to help them make a good choice, such as how to measure your dress size.

Main Benefits of Shopping at

The one thing that really sets Light in the Box apart from other online shopping stores is their tag line, ‘One World One Price’. They have a single price that they charge people from all over the world. Some of their most attractive features are as follows:

-          Low prices: Most of their products are obtained directly from factory outlets knocking off huge rates charged by the middlemen and the showrooms.

-          Quick global delivery: They have an efficient delivery grid that includes companies like DHL, EMS and UPS.

-          They have a strict quality control procedure that ensures that you receive only the very best.

-          Multiple currencies accepted: What impressed me the most was their neat option allowing me to pay by US dollar, Euro, British Sterling Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Swiss Franc. It directly points at the extent of their reach.

-          Another crafty little feature was their live chat that helps you get feedback regarding a product that you may be looking to buy or have already made a purchase.

How does Compare to and

Obviously I researched a bunch of other online wholesale retailers for their prices and offers. There is some competition for Light in the Box from other sites/ companies like eBay and The Wholesaler UK.

Firstly, eBay is much more versatile than Light in the Box can ever be. Designed to keep people of all ages hooked with its addictively interactive nature, it borders on genius. However, eBay comes with one huge flaw. eBay does not have strict quality control and quality assurance cells that look into the products and ensure that only the very best is shipped.

Though is not as neatly laid out as by far, the sector it manages to excel is the massive product listing they have that is readily available. They categorisation is more efficient in comparison to Light in the Box’s, which is not quite that intuitive. On the other hand that is definitely set to favour LITB is that it prominently sells wedding dresses and that is something that is bound to have every single woman out there hooked for hours together. They also offer translations of the site in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin (or Cantonese. I’m not sure!)

Light in the Box Advantages – Disadvantages


-          The biggest possible advantage of Light in the Box is that since they have direct links with the factory outlets, buyers end up making huge savings on their orders.

-          Apart from that, they constantly have sales and discounts all the year through.

-          Another added advantage is that if you are travelling, you need not worry about looking for a new online shopping site that you can trust. They ship to 170 countries.


-          On the down side, the site is not all that intuitive and is a little hard to navigate through despite everything.

What Other Online Wholesalers Might be Better than Light in the Box?

The site faces stiff competition from other online wholesale stores that strive to provide products within the same categories. Though some of them have gained a lot of popularity over the recent years, when it comes to prices, Light in the Box still has the upper hand. The list of competing online sites that you should look into before confirming your order is as follows:





eBay has gained an almost cult like following over the past few years given its popular marketing techniques and versatility.

Price Range at

Their catalogues have items that start at US$ 0.99! Their products go up to around $ 500 and are heavily discounted. The wedding gowns hit those prices, which is unbelievably low for the kind of quality that is delivered. They accept Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, PayPal and even have an option to validate coupon codes. Their site is PayPal verified and tested by McAfee and has the VeriSign seal to assure you of a safe transaction and the safety of your funds.

Light in the Box allows you to cancel and has a valid return policy. You can claim a complete refund or replacement in case a wrong product or a damaged product has been shipped.

What are Others Saying?

The response has dominantly been positive and people have loved their products. You can see brides posting testimonials saying how much they loved the dresses they ordered for their bridesmaids and about how beautiful their ball dresses looked. The page is filled with positive feedback in more number of languages than I can recognise!

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