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Is There a Catch on Host Rocket’s Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Websites? Review of Webhosting Solutions and Coupon Codes

From its headquarters in Clifton Park, New Jersey, since 1999, Host Rocket has been in the industry of web hosting for small to medium-sized businesses who want to get their products on the internet.  The main word you’ll hear from, is unlimited, which pertains to most every service and feature that they offer for small businesses and individuals looking to make their mark on the internet.  At the time of my research, their basic hosting plan offered unlimited storage, unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 tech support. But what does this mean, and is there a catch?

Things you will like about HostRocket and how they rate in comparison to other providers has a number of great features that are very desirable for a business or personal web site.  First of all, they guarantee 99.5% up-time on their servers, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and an unlimited number of POP3 email accounts.  It also boasts robust streaming audio and video capabilities, and supports many software products and languages including Perl 5, MySQL 5, and PHP 5 so your web site can be customized at any time.  They have very affordable plans as compared to other web hosting services with plans going for as little as $7.99 a month when you buy an annual plan.  They also get high marks for customer service in comparison to their web hosting competition, like or even and their customer service agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you.

Things you won’t like about has done such a comprehensive job with unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and the like, there is one thing they forgot to address, search engine optimization.  If you are a small business owner looking to drive traffic to your site, you are basically on your own as has a complete lack of marketing tools to help you.  Another facet of the software that has caused some consternation among users is the ease of use of the software.  Here learning curves seem to be a bit longer than users of similar software that is on the market today.  Also, you’ll find that some of the extras other web hosting providers give away, charges for.

Where can you find promotional codes?

This is a good question. I pretended I was buying HostRocket’s RocketFreedom biennially plan which appeared to be the greatest value for money. At checkout my bill was 163.76 USD, which is not bad for a basic hosting plan that offers unlimited websites, bandwidth and promises 24/7 support. There a Promotional Coupon Code field at checkout, but Hostrocket did not seem to provide one in their landing page, the way other hosting suppliers do such as or Micfo, etc. I had to search on Google for Hostgator Promotional Codes but had no luck. There were several websites offering codes that were not accepted at HostRocket’s check out. However, I concluded that the hosting provider has not recently issued any discount promo codes, because their most popular plans, the annual and the biennial already come with a 3-month free and a 6-month free offer respectively.

I found these offers here that could help you: The Biennial Plan for only $5.99/month and 6 Months FREE and the Annual Plan for only $7.99/month and 3 Months FREE. The catch is that you have to commit yourself for at least 15 months.

Conclusion: is an excellent choice for web hosting, web design, and other great services to give you a reliable place on the web to sell your goods or services.  Before you choose them, you need to have your own SEO strategies, as they do not offer those services and it shows in the fact that they cannot get any traffic to their own Facebook page!

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