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Embracing Gund… The World’s Most Huggable Review and Current Best Deals

I happened to visit when I was searching for a gift for my sister’s 2-year old. Sarah loves all huggable gifts like teddy bears and stuffed animals. Problem is, they live in California – I am in New York. Going to Macy’s was not a great idea, plus I had no time to go downtown, so I found myself at GUND’s website.

For those who are buying such things online, offers a significant line up of products including:

•          GUND stuffed animals and teddy bears

•          BabyGUND products designed for infant safety

•          Curious George items

•          Animated Plush items

•          Birthday items

•          Holiday products – which change often

•          Sesame Street and Disney items

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Apparently, GUND calls itself the most hug-able retailer and that is because it has been creating a variety of teddy bears and other plush toys since 1898. The company is a leader in manufacturing of soft toys in the United States and remains the oldest too. Adolph Gund, who lived and started his business in Connecticut, founded the company. It was one of the first to create teddy bears in the 1900′s.

Why Did I Like Shopping From

I found that visiting and shopping from was fun.

  • They are appealing to kids of all ages. The line of babyGUND stuffed animals is ideal for babies and toddlers because of the soft feel of the material.
  • Encourage development play. Some of these items offer developmental benefits to these young children. This made it easy for me to choose something for my little niece.
  • There is something for every kid. GUND provides a large line up of plush toys including various name brands, well known characters that children already identify with.
  • Ideal for all occasions. The holiday line of toys offers plush items designed in a wide range of holiday styles including those for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Autumn and Easter. Individuals can find the toys right for any time of the year.

Comparing to Other Teddy Bear Websites

I looked into buying stuffed animals and other plush items from other companies, which are similar to GUND.

I found that FAO Schwarz offers a significant selection of soft and plush toys. The company does provide other toys as well, beyond those made of material. Its website is easy to use, listing toys appropriate for various age groups. At the time of my research they offered discounts and discounted shipping depending. While some of their items are available in stores, others are only available through their website. This creates an exclusivity that GUND products may not have.

I also looked into Douglass Cuddle Toy, another provider of soft toys, including plush animals. The company manufacturers stuffed animals with expression-filled faces, which help to make them stand out from other products. A family owned business, also manufactures machine or surface washable toys, perfect for hard play. Their soft toys come in many themes including stuffed horses, cold weather animals, farm animals, dinosaurs, unicorns and specific holiday-themed items! You will definitely enjoy visiting their site.

Alternative Choices

There are other stores that specialize in stuffed and soft toys, and I have only listed a few of them. If you have time, they are worth the visit.

  • Disney Store offers plush and stuffed toys at their website, but only offers those with Disney themes and character designs.
  • Melissa & Doug offers a line of plush toys as well as other toys and products for children of various ages, many of which has an educational advantage to them.
  • Nancy’s Plush Toys & Gifts has a line of homemade stuffed animals, including those that are eco-friendly.

What Are Others Saying?

Of the few reviews of GUND that I found online, it seems that most people are happy with the company’s products, though they may be a bit pricy in some cases. Some speak of great deals found in shops and online.

What I Did Not Like About

I had to order online and organize direct shipping to the other side of the US. I felt helpless for a moment. I had no idea what was suitable for Sarah and wished I could talk to a real person. Gund could do with a live chat feature to help with the selection of toys right for various ages and answer specific questions. did not have a sales or closeout page. Other similar sites had special offer pages where bargain hunters like my can find special deals and discounts.

Prices – Is Cheap?

The GUND plush toy prices range from $13 up to $300, or more, depending on the size, type and overall demand of the product line. Expect to pay:

  • $40 for the Peek a Boo Bear 11.5”
  • $30 for Philbin – Chocolate 18”
  • $25 for Maxi Tan 19”
  • $15 for a 10” Snuffles bear Coupons

So after selecting my Peek a Boo Bear I proceeded to checkout. Estimated handling and shipping was $9.80. uses Shopatron for processing payment. When I shop online I always look for a coupon code field. Unfortunately, when I purchased my product did not appear to have a promo code or discount code in their checkout.

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