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Is Migrating to AN Hosting Risky? Reviews and Lastest Coupon Codes

Opened in 2001, AN Hosting has been providing hosting for numerous websites all around the world. Since then, they’ve developed and grown to a bigger company with over 100 employees, providing clients with 24/7 support every day. Evidently, they are a booming company, revealing the success of their web hosting services. But do they give the services they promise?

How a Tier-3 Data Center Offers You Security Similar to Major Financial Institution

AN Hosting Data Center is made by in one of the most advanced and secure technologies. Their data center is similar in the level of security as a major banking and government institution and it is built in an area that is statistically disaster-free. That is to ensure maximum uptime of your site and no impact from any natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or powercuts.

Is AN Hosting Reliable?

Finding a reliable hosting for professional websites can be really hard, especially when you’re not satisfied with just the usual sign-up-and-forget type of relationships. Not everyone is experienced in things like FTP or SQL, which is why they have to talk to a knowledgeable support team, especially during the initial phases of site migration, or when the site appears to be running slow, or when the site’s content has been compromised. Slow sites, downtimes, compromised servers are extremely stressful situations for webmasters whose income depands on an online business and that is when good telephone communication with the technicians of the hosting company is a matter of survival.

It’s a good thing AN Hosting does keep their word, with actual 24/7 online chat available for customers whenever they need much-needed assistance. With friendly staff and prompt response times, customer assistance from AnHosting aims to impress. In fact, has a reputation of having friendly customer service, a quality needed when dealing with inexperienced like me.

Migrating to AnHosting Servers

One of the most stressful things a webmaster of a busy site has to do is transferring from one server to another. His concern will be how to minimize downtime, how to ensure that content is not lost, how to secure backups. All professional webmasters wish to achieve a prompt and smooth migration. Other hosts will offer to transfer sites for a minimal fee, but AnHosting provides the Quickswitch for customers free of charge, and they will do the transfer even on a weekend.


At a rate of $5.95 per month for Shared Hosting, AN Hosting provides their customers a long list of extras needed by a website owner. Their features include unlimited bandwidth and hosting space, unlimited domains and sub-domains. Their customer service promise to help you with the setup and their 99.9% uptime guarantee gives you peace of mind.

100% Money Back Guarantee

AnHosting’s tech support group will provide perform troubleshooting when you need them. The hosting plans provide for flexibility, such as unlimited bandwidth, helping guard against website crashes. All these are provided at just $5.95 every month. And if you are still not happy enough you get the chance to get your money back in thirty days. It looks like An Hosting is not only reliable; it can compete with even the most popular hosting services. Discount Coupons

When ordering online you can use promotional coupons that will give you up to 25% off your total shopping cart order or 3 months free hosting. This blog will have the latest coupon codes that give you the best value for your money.

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