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Opening an Online Store Using 1&1 eCommerce Solutions

How Do Web Hosting Plans and Their Promotions Fare?

1&1 is an online hosting company that allows small to big startups to build and host their online store quickly and easily. With tons of built-in site building and marketing tools available, even novice webmasters can design and get their store up and running in minutes.

Cost of Plan – What Should I Get?

Compared to other ecommerce hosts, 1&1’s all-in hosting plans are more affordable. 1&1 has three plans available, and the size of the store you are planning to launch will help you decide what plan to pick. If you are planning to sell 50 products or less, the 1&1 Starter eShop costs about $12 a month only and you also get three months free. If what you have in mind is a small to medium shop with about 51 to 300 products, then you should get the Professional eShop. It costs about $30 a month only and you get six months free. If you need a much bigger space for your merchandise, the Advanced eShop can accommodate up to 20,000 different items. This plan will cost you $49.99 per month and you also get six months free. All plans give you unlimited bandwidth.

What is a customizable shop design?

Starting an online shop with 1&1 is very easy. When you purchase a plan, you are provided dozens of pre-built sites. After you enter the type of business you’re running, you will be given site templates that closely match your query. Whether you’re launching a beauty shop, a jewelry store, or a deal hunting site, you’ll find a pre-built store that matches. The beauty of having a pre-built store on hand is it saves you a lot of design work. You need only to edit a few texts or change some page elements here and there. This also saves you a lot of money on web designer fees.

How does 1&1 compare with other web hosting solutions? Is it as easy as advertised?

I feel that 1&1’ needs to improve its Control Panel in order to make it perform faster. It’s a lot sluggish than advertised, which is very frustrating. On the other hand, its 1n2Site Live Dialogue, an interactive application that lets you chat with your site visitors, is one of the most impressive I have seen. What it does is notify you when a potential customer visits your site. You can then invite the said visitor to a virtual “face-to-face” communication with you. This can help you gain more customers exponentially. Another important consideration is that 1&1 offers Linux and Unix hosting packages only. If you’re more comfortable working with Windows servers, then you should look for solution somewhere else.

Can Startups Benefit from 1&1 eCommerce Hosting?

One of the great things about 1&1 is their low pricing plans, allowing startups to allot more of their capital to other important aspects of the business. For the price of one, you get all the tools you need to start a website and drive traffic to it, including site templates, marketing tools, inventory management tools, and payment and shipping methods. With just a few mouse clicks, your products can be listed on eBay, Yahoo! Shopping,, Shopzilla, and Google Product Search – all of which help increase the web presence of your e-store and gain more potential customers for your products.

1& accept coupon codes

Now and then, 1&1 offers sale prices for their products. Another great way to save on subscription fee is to use discount coupon codes. Hunting for 1&1 coupon codes shouldn’t be difficult as there are dozens published online. One such promo code gives you 25% discount. Another gives you $4.99 when you buy a domain name. A simple online search will reveal to you all the coupon codes.

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